Self Care Is The Best Care

Hey Beautiful ! 

I'm Kassie, founder of The Arched Way. Lover of all things Brows and Self care.

This website was created for people all over who love self care, beauty and for those who would like to get started. Also, for those who love a BOMB BROW ! When I was 10 years old I cut all my eyebrows off and wore a head band to hide it from my parents haha! ( Yes i have the picture to prove it ) I was young so my brows grew right back in an abundance. But, being in the brow industry not everyone has that luxury. From that, I became a Certified Permanent Make Up Artist and designed a homemade serum to help grow thinning brows and beards. Yes men we did not forget about you! For those who are new, Welcome and everyone else: 

Thank you all for rocking with me!!!!!